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This page is a translated version of the page Aide:Sommaire and the translation is 100% complete.

Before anything: the wiki attitude
The wiki is a living, evolving and especially non-linear tool. Don't be afraid to bring your contribution by trial and error! The success of this wiki will come through an active participation to the sharing of knowledge.
The more we are, the more we wiki ;)

According to who you are

Whether you are a participant, accomplice, partner or promotor of the Fab Labs Nation projet, thank you for your implication. To start collaborating with others, we invite you to contribute in the following ways, according to the category to which you identify:


A Fab Lab coordinator/Fab Manager

  • Update your Fab Lab's page.
  • Make a list of the organisations that are related to your Fab Lab.
  • Add the list of equipment available in your Fab Lab
  • Add the list of employees in your Fab Lab
  • Let us know what you need in your lab

A representative for an organization related to Fab Labs

  • Update or create your organizations page
  • Make a list of the other organizations that are related to both you and Fab Labs across Canada
  • Add a list of employees of your organization that contribute to the Fab Lab world
  • Add events, past and future, related to Fab Labs

An organizer for an event related to Fab Labs

  • Create and maintain the page dedicated for your event
  • Add or complete the pages for the organisations implicated in your event
  • Create the pages for the people implicated in your event
  • Add other, past and future events related to Fab Labs
  • Share this wiki on social media

Any person implicated in Fab Labs

Useful pages

Preferences page

To access your preferences, click on your username in the top menu and select "Preferences". You'll want to set up a few options here including:

  • If you want the wiki to refer to you using gender specific pronouns, you can choose between the "he/she edits wiki pages", under the "Internationalization" section
  • Change the display language (for the UI only, page content language is changed from yellow boxes where available)
  • If you want to receive mail when pages you follow are updated, you need to validate your email in the "Email options" section.

User page

"User pages exist for each person with an account in the wiki. Its where you keep track of your activity in the wiki: you'll find Actions, Suggestions and Projects in which you're implicated and have access to their status.

For an example of an amply filled user pagem you can have a look at User:Guillaume Coulombe.

A few functionalities on your user page:

  • Create an action: a punctual task to realize
  • Create a suggestion: an idea for improving the wiki plateforme for Fab Labs Nation.
  • Create a project: an intention to achieve a specific goal over time with the collaboration of different parties.

Person page

The People pages identify all the people that we would like to store information about, without requiring that they have an account in the wiki. As such, you can find information on how to contact them and what roles they might play in the wiki's domain. Its worth noting that users should also have a Person page as its information is complementary to that found in a User page (rather than redundant). To learn about ourselves and the other people invested in our projects, we might already have created your page. You can find a list of the people we've listed in the wiki by looking at the People page. If you're already there, we invite you to update an complete your info.

Useful links

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