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Use your web site information all the while avoiding giving a definition of Fab Labs.

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Opening hours

Area :Indicate the area of the workshop in square metres. By default unit is interpreted as square meters. Other accepted units include: "m", "metres", "square meters","f", "ft" and "square feet".


Representative for Fab Lab Nation :

Separate each instance using a comma. The representative is part of the workshop and is in relation with the Fab Labs nation team.


Colleagues :

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Related organisations

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Relation with Fab Labs Nation


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Needs from Fab Labs Nation

Separate each instance using a comma.Write any needs you would like to communicate to Fab Labs Nation. Others nees will be suggested by autocompletion. Try to be concise!

Human ressources


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Number of volunteers

Number of volunteer hours per month Indicate an approximate number of hours done in the lab each month.


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Visitors/month :Indicate here the number of different visitors that come by the lab in a typical month. Do NOT count the multiple visits of a single user here.

Visits/month : Indicate the number of visits that occur in a typical visits. Include the multiple visits of a single user.

Member categories

This section impression an idea of the different groups of people that frequent the lab. For each group, indicate the approximate number of individuals that attend the lab each month.

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