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Type : Conference

Type d'invitation : inscription

Thème(s) :

Bioinformatics, education, innovation, technology, data, digital technology

Date et heure de début : 2017/05/24 08:00:00 AM

Date et heure de fin : 2017/05/24 04:00:00 PM

Précisions sur l'horaire :

Lieu : Chestnut Conference Centre

Adresse : 89 Chestnut St.

Localité : Toronto

Province : ON

Code postal :

Site web : THINK: Open

Facebook : THINK: Open

Mot(s)-clic(s) : #Orion


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Within innovation ecosystems, mash-ups of scientists, students, educators, clinicians, entrepreneurs, politicians, citizens, and more, collaborate in unpredictable ways. Communities around the world are embracing the strength of multidisciplinary teams to fuel solutions to intractable problems.

In this inclusive environment, connections to each other and to information are imperative to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. So much data and expertise exist outside of our traditional institutions of innovation that siloed repositories cannot support the advancement they were meant to serve.

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